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Wild Bunch Eco Bag (Sapi Sunbears)

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  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Off white with full print

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The objective of the not-for-profit Wild Bunch Bags campaign is to raise awareness on wildlife and conservation and to empower children through knowledge to be responsible, take action and contribute positively to conserving the natural world.

Bridging the gap between science and society

By bringing scientists, conservation workers and kids face to face in the classroom or social club we are attempting to bridge the gap between science and society. The students learn first-hand about conservation projects, the environmental work that is taking place locally and why it is important from real-life action heroes.

Raising awareness about plastic pollution and providing an alternative

The students create the artwork with a focus on wildlife. The bags carry positive environmental messages and at the same time provide an alternative for single use plastic bags – a major polluter and problem for our global wildlife. With an active role in the design and distribution of the bags, the students become the real-life action heroes and role models for change for family and peers.

Fundraising for local wildlife conservation

100 % of the profits from the sales of the Wild Bunch Bags are donated to selected local wildlife conservation projects and organisations. Wild Kids Ink facilitates the campaign and works with selected organisations to ensure the fundraising is 100 % dedicated to benefit local wildlife conservation projects and is not swallowed up in overheads and admin.

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